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Stemgent ブランド


品番 製品名 容量 希望小売価格(税抜)
09-0067StainAlive™ SSEA-1 Antibody (DyLight™ 488), Mouse anti-Mouse/Human100 μl¥33,500
09-0095StainAlive™ SSEA-1 Antibody (DyLight™ 550), Mouse anti-Mouse/Human100 μl¥33,500
09-0097StainAlive™ SSEA-4 Antibody (DyLight™ 550), Mouse anti-Human100 μl¥33,500
09-0068StainAlive™ TRA-1-60 Antibody (DyLight™ 488), Mouse anti-Human100 μl¥33,500
09-0069StainAlive™ TRA-1-81 Antibody (DyLight™ 488), Mouse anti-Human100 μl¥33,500
09-0072StainAlive™ Mouse IgM, κ Isotype Control (DyLight™ 488)100 μl¥20,000


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